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Keeping Who is rich? Maid or Owners? this title, you will know after reading this story.

Who is rich? Maid or Owners?

The school bus strike was underway, since my husband was unhappy with his work, so during those days I had to take my 5-year-old son to ACTIVA to pick up and take him to school.

In the evening, as I was taking my son to school, I suddenly lost balance due to a leak in the pit, and both my son and I fell down the road.

When people around us came down to see us down, my workmate Rekha, who lives in the same area, ran to see us. I was moderately lost but by the grace of God my son did nothing.


Rekha picked me up with the help of two other women and raised my son by a woman. my ACTIVA was to stand out of a nearby store by a stranger.

Rekha brought me to his house. Her two children stood in front of us watching. Sitting me in a bed in the house, taking out the 50’s note in the bed of his pet and asking his son for milk, wound cream and bandage. His daughter Radhan told him to heat the water and gave me a pot of cold water to drink.

When the water became hot and her son was carrying the reclaimed luggage, she took me to the bathroom and cleaned it with hot water, applied cream and bandage on the wound where I was lying, I felt some relief. Due to falling on the ground, my clothes were torn a little and got dirty.

Rekha saw this and immediately brought a new handkerchief and new gown from her closet and gave it to me to wear. To this day I have never worn such a lightweight gown. As I was hesitant to pick up, Rekha told me, “Madam, this is a new gown, I have taken for several days but have not worn it. You have to wear it. ”That time in mind who is rich? Maid or Owners? I had no choice but I wore a gown and came out of the bathroom.

Radha laid in a new bed and asked me to rest. I sat on the bed and soon her daughter Radha came with turmeric hot milk. Rekha said “Drink this turmeric hot milk, Madam, you will be relieved” Holding a glass of milk in my hand, I was watching Rekha’s house, comparing myself and Rekha. My own thought was: “Rekha, to whom I was giving my old clothes, gave me a new towel and gown, which I would never allow to sit in bed. It started to get high in my eyes.


While I was thinking, Rekha brought me a loaf of hot bread and potatoes on a plate. Radha was also lovingly feeding my son a loaf of hot bread and vegetables in a plate. Rekha knew that my son was very fond of potato and ate only hot bread. My mind goes back to the thoughts: “When Rekha’s son Raju came to my house, I used to put him in a corner, look at him with hatred and how much love I have for his son even today.”

Meanwhile, Raju came inside the house, he was walking a little lame. I asked Rekha: “What happened to Raju? Why does it run this way? No medicine? ”

Rekha said: “Madam doctor tells us to do the operation and has said that the cost of the operation is 10,000, Dad and I have collected 5000, but still another 5000 is missing. We tried everywhere but cant arrange it.

Then I suddenly remembered that Rekha once asked me for 5000 rupees but I did not give, today Rekha happily spent 50 rupees on his back and we did not give him 5000 even though I had money at that time. I was regretting it. Today, I was understanding how much money Rekha would need at that time.

But now I’ve decided not to repeat the mistakes I’ve made so far. Now, I will consider Rekha as my sister, not my workmate. In the evening my clothes were dry, Rekha also sewed where the clothes were torn, I left my clothes to go home but I did not give Rekha her gown back, I told her that this is a gift from you, Rekha. He also said: “This is lightweight.” Still, I came up with it.

Upon coming home, I called a recognized bone doctor and wrote Raju’s appointment, the next day I wanted to go to a party but instead of going to that party I bought the same thing as needed at Rekha’s house as well as bought clothes for him and his children.

Rekha did not say that, but I told her: “You must take all this and you must not say madam now. From now on you are my sister and I am bringing this to my nephew, taking Raju with me this evening at 5 o’clock.” The doctor has to come, I will cover all the cost of Raju’s medicine. ”

Rekha had tears in her eyes, saying, “We are very small men.” But today I was being understood who is bigger and who is bigger, even though I had everything I could not help anyone and wanted to gather more. When Rekha spent everything she had for me. ”

Does this story show Who is rich? Maid or Owners?

That for i

“A man is never big with money(rich), his thoughts, his spirit, his generosity make him big. ”

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