Ways to live a happy life

Ways to live a happy life where to stop and what to drop? If so, you understand that you have learned to live well

Every man wishes he could go much farther than anyone else, and he would work hard day and night to combine a lot. Own all the happiness facilities in the world. And in the race to achieve all this, man is sometimes left alone, and even in the last days of life, he regrets not living his own life.


If this is the part of life were to stop a man and what to leave? If these two things are known then there is never any pain in his life, nor in his life will there ever be a time to repent. The reason behind any suffering, whatever the problem, is that we are tempted to get everything and forget about the importance of our own life.


We are always amassing a lot of things just by doing mine, we go to any extent to buy it when many things we like, we waste even the precious time we have and get it. But when the object is found, the object does not remain attractive, the attraction of the object also disappears and then we feel as if this thing is not It would have been better if I had taken it.


We have also seen many parents who always interfere in every work, in every matter, in every transaction, it is also a matter of guardianship when the son is earning good, living his own way, parents also have a son at that time. If we should stop interfering in Vahu’s relations, then there is peace in the family.

The major reason we get divorced most often is the quarrels between mother-in-law Yahoo. But if the mother-in-law or son-in-law at that time allows the son or the bride to live their independent life, or if the son or brother-in-law does not commit any harassment in the father-in-law’s life, then no problem will arise.


Even if we are in love relationships if we like someone and we are in love with that person then maybe if one gets divorced then one party can’t leave the other party wholeheartedly and because of this, they wasted their precious time for years. Sit down.

The moment he has to move on, he sits in the hope of a single person who will never even meet him. Even in the same way, love is a waste of time and we do not know when the best time of life will come.


So if you learn these two things in life, where to leave time and in which relationship to hang out, most of your problems will be solved. We were empty-handed when we were born and after a death, we still have to go empty-handed.

Whatever we are getting, whatever we are collecting is not only for us, we believe that we have a duty towards our children but in all of them, we should never forget ourselves. You should enjoy life itself, only when you do not regret it during the last breath of life.


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