Our country is called the Minister of Agriculture, but today’s youths are leaving agriculture and moving to the city which causes the villages to evacuate and the cities to become crowded.

It is impossible to believe that you can find happiness in the city in a good way, but the peace that you get in the village is not to be found anywhere in the city. Yes, man has to be modern, blind to development, but you and I might never know what we have left behind in the blind run of this development.

Many people in the village have 10-15 bighas of land, but instead of cultivating this land many people go to labor in the city. Even though the village has its own house, there is pure air, fresh vegetables and cow’s buffalo have pure milk. People living in such a house, eating stale food, drinking sack milk, and pollution-free air, have begun to grow.

Besides, there is less income in the name of earning there than in the village, in many cases, when we look inside, we find that most of the families living in the city are paid by the parents who are living in the village. The fact is seen by many.

When you ask someone the main reason for staying in the city, they will say that they have come to the city for the future of their children. But today, if there are good schools in the village too, there are facilities in the village that a bus to a nearby school or a good school has started coming to the village. Yet we still keep a blind eye to the city.

also believe that living in the city is important, even if we have come to the city with the name of creating our children’s future, but with the city being built, so many people are developing. It is not surprising that people are more intelligent in cities than in villages and because of this, people are more attracted to cities, their customs and lifestyle change in the city, even when the villagers come to the city and become sir, we are in front of our eyes. Just watched.

The point is that we should never look after the city or the village, yes, we should stay in the city from the village when the need arises. Because if you look like you go into the city, you lose everything you have. I do not say this, but many such examples can be found from the life around you.

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