Again controversy on TikTok star Kirti Patel

For some reason, controversial Tiktok star Kirti Patel got caught up in controversy a few days ago due to a video in which he shared the video with an owl on social media, but such video could not be made with the owl. It comes under Wild Life Protection. because of this video also made a case against Kirti Patel and the forest department has punished Kirti Patel as a punishment.

The forest department fined Kirti Patel Rs 25,000, a photo of which Kirti Patel shared on his social media. Not to mention, catching an owl is a crime under Wildlife Protection. The owl comes in a series of livestock protected by the Gujarat government. Kirti Patel released the video by holding the owl in his hand, which has been widely criticized. The forest department had imposed a fine of Rs 15,000 on Kirti Patel and Rs 10,000 on his accomplice.

TikTok is nowadays providing a good platform for emerging artists. Many people have become very popular by making their own videos on TikTok and one of them is Gujarati artist Kirti Patel. Kirti Patel has earned big names in a very short time. Kirti Patel has become very popular by uploading videos that speak different styles in Gujarati. After the release, people started protesting Kirti Patel on TikTok commenting in a video on Raja Rajwada. Kirti Patel was involved in yet another controversy where yet another controversy came out.

Kirti Patel made a video catching the owl coming into the act in Wildlife Protection. Holding an owl and playing with it is legally a crime. Therefore, the forest department can take action against Kirti Patel. The disappointment was seen among the partisans who made the video along with the owl.

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