Losing an opportunity is one of life’s biggest mistakes, never forgetting your goals,

Often in life, we find opportunities that we miss out on and then that’s your life’s biggest mistakes and miss the opportunity to do so. Many people today will regret the things I am about to do, even though many people are still suffering the consequences of their forgetfulness, we have nothing left to regret.

This is the case with Kiran who is staying in a hostel. His father is financially viable, so Kiran has no worries that his father wanted him to teach his son in a good college so that his son could study well. After getting admission in engineering, he had to go away from his hometown to study with Kiran. Her father paid the college fees and hostel fees along with giving her father a good amount for the expenses.

Kiran’s father wished he had no education, he could pay enough attention to the education and if he did not eat the hostel, he would pay more than he could afford. Kiran felt uncomfortable in the hostel for a few days but he also liked being in the hostel as he made new friends.

Slowly he began to mix with the habits of friends living in the hostel, even smoking cigarettes and alcoholism. Being out with friends overnight didn’t even feel like studying anymore, the results of the first year got worse. Her father explained with a little anger, but he had no effect.

There were parties in the hostel at night, sometimes outside the hostel. Due to this, Kiran could not get up early, he would arrive late in college, even the professor was given repeated instructions, but Kiran’s did not understand all of this. He used to enjoy this fun time in his life and he enjoyed it.

One day Kiran went out to a party outside the hostel with three friends at night, and it was too late at night, about ten kilometers from the hostel. Arrived at a taxi or rickshaw to reach the hostel but they could not find any vehicle. Suddenly a rickshaw appeared.

The rickshaw pullers said a little more fare than the normal rickshaw, but they had to sit in the rickshaw, as there was no other option at night. Kiran starts talking to the rickshaw driver.

“Why not get a rickshaw or a taxi right now?”

The rickshaw puller replied: “Sir, there is no rickshaw or taxi after 12 pm, everyone goes home after 12 pm as everyone has to get back to work at 6 o’clock.”

Kiran realizes that he feels educated, and is smart, so he asked her back:”So

Why are you running a rickshaw now?”

“Sir, I have put my son in a good school, his school fees are tuition fees and other expenses are very high, I work day and night to meet the expenses.”

Kiran liked the rickshaw puller and asked him: “If you’re a highly educated from your talk. why do you run a rickshaw?”

Rickshaw replied: “Yes, sir, I have done engineering, my father kept me in a good college and hostel to study well, but I kept on hobbies, got involved in wrong associations and wasted precious time of my life, engineering to pass. I couldn’t get a job because of the small garage and because of that I had to run a rickshaw if at that time I was studying If I had been drinking, I would have been able to sleep peacefully in my house this time too. “

When the hostel came to know about Kiran and Rickshaw, he did not even know when Rickshaw had taken off Kiran but his words went home in Kiran’s mind, his friends too began to realize the hobbies and the ruin of his life and that same day Suresh and his All three friends decided that learning about life is our goal.

Friends Kiran got the correct understanding from a rickshaw at the right time, but there are many people to whom this understanding comes at a time when water is crossing the head, there is no way out and there is nothing left to regret. If we truly appreciate the right time in life, we can reach the goal in life, our elders always strive for our bright future. But we do not count on them as being behind the scenes, and when the last time seems true, the time has passed, we explain this to our children, but our children are doing the same to us .. !!

Don’t Miss your Golden Opportunity

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