NEW DELHI: In a path breaking verdict demolishing gender discrimination in Army, the Supreme Court on Monday ruled that all women officers shall be considered for permanent commission and will also be eligible for command posting on par with male officers.
A bench of justices D Y Chandrachud and Ajay Rastogi granted three months time to Centre to implement its order and slammed the Centre for denying equal opportunity to women officers by raising the ground of social norms, physiological limitations and family obligation associated with women.
The bench said that women officers must also be given permanent commission in Army and change of mindset is required on part of the government to put an end gender discrimination in armed forces.
The SC said that the arguments of the Centre raising the issue of physiological limitations and social norms to deny opportunity to women officers is disturbing and cannot be accepted as women officers have performed exceptionally well and brought laurels.
It said the Centre showed scant regard to the order passed by the Delhi high court and the Supreme Court pertaining to permanent commission to women officers in the last one decade after the HC passed the order in 2010.
The top court said absolute bar on granting command posting to women officers in Army is irrational and against equality. It said it is indefensible to deny command posting to women officers and a blanket ban cannot be sustained in law.
The SC further added, “Women are not weaker sex and they should be treated on par with men officers in Army in non-combat services.”
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