Pavbhaji, who once shared 25 paise, today owns 58 ‘HONEST’ restaurants

Friends, whenever we talk to someone outside or at home, we hear the word ‘pav bhaji’ just so that one name immediately floats in front of our eyes and this name means ‘present’ Honest. Honest, starting with a small lorry near the Law-Garden of Metro City like Ahmedabad, has now reached the number of 55 restaurants worldwide, including the United States.

If anyone is toiling or mastermind behind this grand success of Honest, it is Vijay Gupta. To get a livelihood from Uttar Pradesh, the father of Ramesh Gupta come to Gujarat and started the Lari of Bhelpuri. This lari has been made a famous brand by college drop-out son Vijay Gupta. Vijay Gupta said during a conversation, “The most important reason behind this magnificent success, if any, is that we prepare food in keeping with the general class. Choppy food is our identity.

We have never paid attention to the high-class public. If there is another reason for this, it is a test of our restaurants. Also, if you do not realize one thing, let us know that we have learned the virtues of running a business from our customer class.

Rameshbhai Gupta relocated to Gujarat only to gain employment and earn a living.

Rameshbhai’s family was farming in the Pachera countryside near Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, in which the family could not be properly nourished. Thus, Rameshbhai started the business by keeping the name Chetan Bhalpuri in the nose of Ratanpol of Ahmedabad. Because of his fast food test, these lures soon became popular in the surrounding area and people.

The Jain traders who came here for breakfast learned the merits of the business. Rameshbhai was thinking of how to take this business from Ratanpole to the city. Laurie, who started near the Low-Garden in the year of 1972, also started making pav bhaji with moistures. After personal advice from a Parsi businessman, the business was renamed Chetan to HONEST.

The United States also started an outlet, welcoming taste enthusiasts on foreign soil. There are currently 3 restaurants in India, including the US 1, Thailand and the UAE 1-3. There is a highway, a restaurant as well as a 5 star hotel onstage. Honest Company employs over 3 people. Currently, all three children, including their three brothers, work hard to grow the business. Vijaybhai is the responsibility of the Expansion, Big Brother Quality, and AnilBhai HR Department.

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