NEW DELHI: NCP supremo Sharad Pawar on Tuesday criticised former Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi, saying he has flip-flopped on post-retirement assignments for judges as he quoted a 2019 article Gogoi wrote in which he referred to such offers to judges as a “scar” on the judiciary.
Saying it is ironic that Justice Gogoi accepted a Rajya Sabha berth less than four months after he retired as the Chief Justice of India, Pawar said, “I have read that the decks have been cleared for the entry of those people who were themselves concerned over the policies governing retired judges. All I can say is that this is likely to have an adverse impact on the judiciary.”
Speaking at the launch of former Rajya Sabha MP Balachandra Mungekar’s book “My Encounters in Parliament”, he also lamented the attack on India’s various institutions, education system, judiciary and independent media.
Pawar also quoted a portion of a judgement delivered by Justice Deepak Gupta (in the Rojer Mathew case) where he sat on the Constitution Bench alongside Justice Gogoi. In a concurring judgement, Justice Gupta had said, “One cannot expect justice from those who, on the verge of retirement, throng the corridors of power looking for post retiral sinecures.”
Citing Justice Gupta’s comments to assert a grave danger to the judiciary, Pawar took a swipe at Justice Gogoi. He said, “Now people who made such statements while addressing the people of the country are taking post-retirement assignments. May be he wrote these things keeping in mind future possibilities…or may be higher ups intervened. All I can say is that the situation is serious and we must think about these things.”

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