Delhi people the forefront of sex in office: survey

New Delhi (EMS). Sex is still an issue that most people consider taboo and do not even like to talk about it. But now the mindset of people is changing gradually.

Recently, a survey conducted by India Today in many cities across the country asked many questions related to the thinking of people of India about sex. In this survey, people were asked whether they have ever had sex in the office? So in response to this question, about 28 percent of the Delhiites have answered yes. This means that Delhi people are at the forefront of making physical connections in the office premises.


After Delhi, Ranchi is considered as a small city, not a metro city. 19.5 percent of the people here answered yes to the question of having sex in the office. While 28 percent of the people of Delhi answered yes on the question of having sex in the office, 100 percent of the residents of Noida and Gurgaon, adjacent to Delhi, answered no to this question, i.e., people of these two cities of NCR never in the office Did not have sex. Apart from this, 99 percent of people of Indore, Kolkata, and Chandigarh have also not answered the question of having physical relations in the office. Apart from this, people were also asked whether they think about sex in the office? So in response to this question, 48 percent of Lucknow, 42 of Chennai and 43 percent of Gurugram replied yes.


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