The biggest question for new on the digital platform What is the SEO and what is the SEO salary in India?

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.

The SEO practices mainly aim at driving organic traffic to a website using content marketing, on-page SEO, Off-page SEO, etc.

In SEO jobs are various

The designation of an SEO trainee ranks the lowest the hierarchal order of the SEO job profiles

  • SEO learner

The designation of an SEO learner ranks for the lowest position in the hierarchal order of the SEO job profiles.

An SEO learner is usually a fresher in the field; thus, it begins from the basics. He is made to learn the know-how and the practical functionalities of how SEO works. A learner is under the close guidance of a mentor, usually a senior employee.

learner SEO Salary in India :

The average salary of an SEO learner may range from 9-11k (minimum) for freshers.

  • SEO Executive

SEO executive is not a very influential position in the hierarchal order. In the absence of the SEO learner, The SEO executive will be ranked the lowest. The tasks carried out by the SEO executive may depend on the nature of the organization they are working in. The described tasks may include Doing process-centric SEO, carry out individual SEO campaigns, optimization analysis of the content.

Also, conduct On-page and off-page SEO. Write or rewrite the Title, description and meta description of the content that is to be marketed in order to increase the traffic.

Executive SEO Salary in India :

The average salary of an SEO Executive may range from 13- 24k (minimum) for freshers.

seo salary in india

  • SEO Technician

The term SEO technician is self-explanatory in accordance with the tasks related to this particular profile. The tasks are undertaken by an SEO technician to focus on assessing and analyzing the activities on the competitor’s website for comparison. The SEO technician is supposed to connect with the bloggers and pitch in for backlinking. Also, optimizing and promoting the content originally prepared for the marketing purpose. The SEO technician fixes any kind of technical glitches in the functioning of SEO activities.

Technician SEO Salary in India :

The salary for an SEO Technician may range between 30- 45k (variable) for experienced candidates.

  • SEO Director

The SEO Director is the head of the department and his task is to keep a check on the achievement of set goals. He is the one who lays down the foundation for the campaigns to be carried out, in relevance to objective and previous shortcomings. He carries out his functions after a proper assessment and analysis. The SEO Director looks after the overall functioning of the SEO department on a macro level.

must be noted that the job description and job title may vary from company to company.

Director SEO Salary in India:

The head of the department- SEO Director withdraws a salary of 90k -1.5 lakhs (minimum)