Hear some information about quiz like the history of quiz in India

Quiz in India is different from American and British quizzing in that it is diverse, with different genres catering to different geographical regions, age groups, and interests.

On 12 April 1972, Bournvita Quiz Contest, for high school students, become the first quiz show to be broadcast on radio in India; it was among the most popular programs in the region. Hamid Sayani, followed by his brother Ameen, was the show’s first quizmasters. It ran for over a decade and was later revived as a television quiz in the late 1990s. The first quiz show to become nationally popular was Quiz Time, which had its first season in 1985. Quizmaster Siddhartha Basu, labeled as the “grandfather of the quiz game in India, “is credited with making quizzing a household word. Basu later went on to host other shows, including India Quiz. In 2000, the Kaun Banega Crorepati quiz, modeled after Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? reignited nationwide interest in quizzing, becoming one of the most popular quiz shows of all time.

The Karnataka Quiz Association

The Karnataka Quiz Association (or KQA) was founded in 1983 by the late Wing Commander G.R.Mulky, Deepak Murdeshwar, Rajeev Gowda, Thomas Uthup, K.N.Mahabala, Tribhuvan Kumar, P.Raju and Jagadish Raja is a non-profit association devoted to popularizing the mind sport among students and the general public in Bangalore and beyond. Contests are held regularly in the following categories: Middle School, High School, Junior College, College, and Open-to-all. In addition, specialist quizzes in the areas of Literature, Entertainment, Music, Art, Comics and Business are held every year.

The KQA holds events in English and Kannada.

Apart from holding contests, the KQA also conducts workshops in quizzing for school students and provides quizmasters for events held by other organizations.

The KQA has an informal membership policy. People interested in quizzing sign up to receive a free email newsletter about forthcoming contests. The newsletter goes out to about 2000 people at present.

KQA’s flagship event

KQA’s flagship event, ASKQANCE, is held in the third week of June every year and comprises three quizzes, one each in the School, Corporate and Open Categories. The KQA also holds a solo quiz titled Mahaquizzer as well as a solo quiz event called MindSweep across India’s several quizzing cities annually. Since 2003, the KQA has collaborated with the TI Foundation in conducting the Jack Kilby Quiz in Science and Technology for high school students.

Indian Government also running programs to learn and earn by a quiz, its call quiz.mygov.in

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