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    Why was Gandhi a good leader?

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    Mahatma Gandhi was a very empowering and Visionary leader. Mahatma Gandhi was an empowering leader no only because he empowered all Indians on a salt march to corrupt the British economic system. Since he was pioneer of Satyagraha, he also inspired all Indians to understand and learn resistance through non-violent civil disobedience.  Gandhi was a visionary leader. He gave Indians a new spirit, a sense of self-respect and a feeling of pride in their civilization, he is something more than a mere politician. He is a great statesman and a man of vision.

    In India, Gandhi established the acknowledgment by leading through example, he established himself as a slave of the people of India, empowering the general public. He made it his policy to practice what he preached, even the small things like spinning yarn to make his clothes. He resorted to simple and poor living, just like millions in the country, hence people looked at Gandhi as one of their own, they could see their own sufferings in him. 

    Gandhi had already been recognized through his work and movements in South Africa. People already had great honor and hopes from him due to what he had achieved, his non-violent methods were also very well respected within the Indian society. Since he was already visionary and empowering, Mahatma Gandhi was a Transformational leader. He always empowered his followers towards success, he gave them hope where there may be none. One of the most outstanding qualities of Gandhi which makes him a great transformational leader of modern history was his long term vision, self confidence which was perhaps perceived as someone who was stubborn and strong principles of righteousness.

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