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    Which phone should I buy to use social media?

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    Which phone is the best use for social media, like best photo, video, multi-app task slow-motion, and more function.

    1. There are many phones available in the market nowadays, many of which have very good features of the phone and their very good information can also be found online, so now we have to think that which phone should we buy which means that everyone will work in us If it is very useful, then which phone they have written, which phone will be useful for social media, then according to this, I would like to say that the phone of OPPO, MI, VIVO Etc… company also comes.

      The division also call occurred that are very good features Also excellent Android phone companies, So according to this I would like to say that if any phone today has 3GB of RAM and 64 bit storage, then it will be very easy to use social media and it should be 4G so that the new technology of the Internet is very much in voice It works well due to which we get internet speed very well and according to this we are very fast and easy to download social media, so whenever you have any If you buy a computer or a mobile, then first check its processor and its RAM, only then buy it so that you do not need to change anything in future, according to me.

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