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    Which are the highest paid jobs in India?

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    Which are the highest paid jobs in India?

    1. Top 10 highest paying jobs in India, along with the qualifications required. For most of the courses, good colleges come with campus recruitment and fat packages.

      1. Lawyer
      Educational qualification required:
      Most lawyers have a BA LLB degree to their name, which is either a 5-year course straight out of school or a 3-year course after graduation. If you want to specialize further in a particular stream of law, then you can also go in for MA LLB.

      What package can you expect?
      As per, Pay scale, a corporate lawyer earns almost Rs. 7 Lakh per year on an average. When you graduate from good law schools, packages are much higher.

      2. Commercial Pilot

      One of the highest paying jobs in India and at a young age, the job of a commercial pilot is glamorous for sure. The only drawback? The job can be tiring and you might need to be in air a LOT. Also, you need a lot of money to get a commercial pilot license. Read this drill down from an Indigo pilot on a Quora thread.

      Educational qualification required:
      The training is intense with a requirement to have ground training as well as 200 hours of flying time, after having passed Class 12 with Meths and Physics.

      3. Management Professional

      Another wide category, management professional encompass roles in all areas of business like Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Operations and Logistics, which get unlocked through an MBA degree.

      Educational qualification required:
      Today, there are umpteen business schools in the country offering MBA post graduation, but the best schools are the ones where all the students are placed through campus recruitments.

      The good news is that today companies do recruit graduates in corporate roles too. However, this recruitment happens only at the top few colleges and in selected courses like BBA, B.Com, B.A. (H) Economics to name a few.

      4. Doctor

      Indians have been obsessed with getting their children into the medical profession for generations. The reason, like that time, remains true even now. The demand for doctors is only going to increase as the need for health care keeps increasing, making it one of the best jobs in India.

      Educational qualification required:
      You need to slog to get through a good medical college, work hard during MBBS. Most specialized doctors also have an MD degree to their name.

      5. Management Consultant
      6. Civil Services
      7. Chartered Accountant
      8. Merchant Navy
      9. Company Secretary
      10. Computer Science Engineering

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