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    What is the best jio plan ?

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    What is the best reliance jio plan for the broadband ?

    1. Under 1.5GB per day packs:

      Rs 449 pack: If you have moderate data usage and need just enough to catch on some YouTube videos as well as basic Internet tasks, then you should probably go for the Rs 449 pack. This pack offers 1.5GB of 4G data per day. With a validity of 91 days, it almost stretches to a period of three months and is most beneficial in terms of value. You also get free voice and video calls. Plus, the complimentary subscription to Jio apps is also present.

      Under 2GB per day packs:

      Rs 398 plan: If you rely on mobile data and require at least 2GB data per day, then the Rs 398 plan is a great option. This pack offers 2GB data per day and comes with a validity of 70 days. You also get free voice and video calls. The SMS messages are capped to 100 per day. Plus, the complimentary subscription to Jio apps is also present.
      Under 3GB per day packs:
      Rs 299 plan: The Rs 299 plan offers up to 3GB data per day and is good enough for those who consume a lot of media on the move, especially movies and web series. The plan offers only for 28 days but it still bundles unlimited voice and video calls. The messages are capped at 100 per day. Plus, you get complimentary access to Jio apps that includes JioCinema, JioTV, AJio and other Jio services.

      Long term plans:

      Rs 1,699 plan: While there are a lot of long term plans that Jio offers, the best one with a lot of value is the Rs 1,699 app. This plan, as the name suggests, offers validity of 365 days. In terms of data allotment, subscribers get 1.5GB of data per day. Apart from this, all the other usual Jio benefits are also applicable to this plan too – unlimited voice and video calls, 100 free messages per day, complimentary access to Jio apps.

      more plans visit jio official website :
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