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    What are the most important SEO strategies for a new website to rank high on all over the search engine?

    • 3

    What are the most important SEO strategies for a new website to rank high on all over the search engine?

    1. First of all, you need to do keywords research properly according to your business or website niche.
      Choose at-least 4–5 keywords for each web-page of the website including long or LSI keywords.
      Having finished the keyword research proper you need to place at the right place.
      Include your primary keywords in each web-page meta title, description, image alt text, URLs, and Headings.
      Wrap your title and description in attractive ways and try to mention targeted keywords at least.
      Keep meta title length between 55–60 characters and description length should be 160 characters.
      Do internal linking on your every web-page.
      Optimize properly each web-page content including all targeted keywords but avoid keyword stuffing in your content. Ideal keyword stuffing must be 2%.
      Create a Sitemap for your website. A sitemap is a collection of the website pages, It helps Google to crawl all website pages at one place.
      Add robots.txt file.
      Use 301 Redirection. If you want to change your old domain name into new URLs then you will be to use 301 redirections because it passes 98% juice link.
      Design 404 error custom page for broken link or unavailable pages.
      Install an SSL certificate for your website. It’s the most important point of SEO.
      Boost your website speed as much as you can do because faster websites make happy to users and it also helps in ranking factors.
      Make sure your website must be mobile responsive. According to Google chrome, 70% of users visit the website through mobile devices.

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