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    What are some advantages of government jobs in India?

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    What are some advantages of government jobs in India?

    1. Well! a government job or a sarkari naukri do have many benefits that a private job cannot offer.

      I have found out 10 possible reasons that makes complete sense, why actually certain section of a society is interested in government jobs.

      Here are they:

      1. Every Month Salary on Time

      Whether the country is in great economic depression or milk & honey is flowing on the streets, it does not matter. In both circumstances, you will get your monthly salary on time.

      However, in a private job a person will get his salary only if company is making profit, when company stops making profit then no salary for employees.

      Hence people love sarkari jobs because their salary is guaranteed every month.

      2. Pensionable Till Death

      Next great thing about a government job is you get pension until you die. This is a complete insurance of your life.

      In fact no private job gives you pension and you have to either save money while you are working or beg in front of your children.

      A government employee never has to fear about his future. He or she can retire peacefully without bothering future.

      This is a main reason why people still love government jobs over private jobs.

      3. A Lot of Free Time

      The workload in a government job is almost negligible. You get a lot of free time and you can do other activities.

      One of the best ways to utilize this time is reading books and other such materials that can be helpful in future. If you want to switch to other jobs then you will get ample time for preparation.

      Less workload means less tension when you come back home.

      However in private companies and other non-government jobs you have to work more than 8 hours and then your wage is decided. You have to toil day and night. You may get more money than a sarkari naukri, but you have to work very hard.

      People love government jobs because of less workload.

      4. Survive Without Any Skill

      In a government job whether you work for one hour or 8 hour you will get the same salary. Hence people choose not to work and relax.

      It really does not matter whether you have any skill or not. No one will question you and you will get your due salary. You can survive without any skill.

      But in a private company if they find out that you are not doing your work properly then they will kick you out.

      Moreover, in private jobs there is also something called assessment. They assess you every week or month whether you are capable enough to continue the work you have been given. If they find, you do not have necessary skills then also you will be kicked out.

      5. Housing Facility

      In a time when paying for mortgage is out of reach for many people. Prices are so high that people from middle class cannot imagine affording mortgage. Even renting a house is beyond their means.

      But if you work for a government job then you do not have to bother about mortgage or rent. In a government job you will be provided with housing facility.

      You can live in government quarters without any tension of paying rent. And they are as good as an apartment in a posh locality.

      You can save the same money that a person working in a private company has to pay for monthly rent. That amount of money could be quite large!

      Certainly this is a genuine reason why people still aspires for a government job.

      6. Free Health Care

      We all know day by day health care for ordinary people is becoming out of their reach, even people from upper middle class is finding it difficult to afford health care for their family.

      But if you work in a government job then government will bear all your medical expenses, not just for you but entire family.

      Even complicated surgeries, which could cost you thousands of dollars, for a government employee would be done free of cost.

      Government would bear all expenses for the surgery. However, if you work for in a private company then you have to spend from your pocket.

      This is why people love government jobs.

      7. Get all Types of Allowances

      In fact, a job in a government sector would take care of all your extra expenses. From grocery to travelling, all expenditure will be subsidized by the government.

      You will get dearness allowance (DA) and Travelling Allowance (TA) to cover all your extra expenditure. It won’t hurt you, even if inflation is so high.

      Moreover, you can travel anywhere in the country with concession.

      You will not find such concessions in private sector jobs. That’s why people still aspires for government jobs.

      8. Get Maximum Vacations to Spend

      As I said earlier in this article, workload in a government is very less. Hence, you get maximum number of holidays in a year.

      In a private job, you hardly get any holiday. In a year you get maximum 4 to 5 holidays. But in a government job holidays you get in a year is greater than any private job.

      This is another reason why people want to go for government jobs.

      9. Sense of Social Security

      If you get monthly salary on time, a lifelong pension, medical facility and other allowances then your life is much secured compared to other people who work for private companies.

      You enjoy a great sense of social security. You are in a position that you can live rest of your life without tension.

      Biggest fear in your life could be insecurity and government jobs make your life socially secure.

      10. Make Extra Money

      I am not trying to teach you something illegal here. However, this is a reality that in government jobs you have an opportunity to make money from under the table.

      Although this is corruption, however, still people do it and make huge amount of surplus money.

      I am not saying this is an advantage of a government job but unfortunately this is a reality and people love government jobs because of this reason.

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