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    How to start E-Commerce business?

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    I want to start a e commerc business guide me

    1. Your 10 Point Checklist to Starting an Ecommerce Business

      With more than 206 million predicted shoppers spending money online this year, there’s never been a better time to start an eCommerce business. If you’re thinking about starting an eCommerce business and selling products online, use this checklist to do it the right way.

      1. Start With Your Business Name
      2. Secure Your Domain Name and Website
      3. Select The Best Business Structure and Register Your Business
      4. Get Your Employer Identification Number
      5. Apply for Business Licenses and Permits
      6. Find the Right Vendors
      7. Start Marketing Early
      8. Get More Productive with the Right Software
      9. Stock Your Inventory
      10. Make Sure Your Business Stays Compliant

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    2. Let’s see the facts:
      Almost all businesses that can be started offline can be started online.
      95% of companies are disconnected. That means that 95% of business opportunities are online. That is why we have many so-called Internet millionaires under 30.
      We live in the Internet era, therefore, you can start an online business from your laptop. All you need is a laptop, a market, an Internet connection and your brain.
      The reason I love online business is that you can automate everything and make computers work for you.
      Keep in mind that I didn’t say you need an idea. In fact, you don’t need to create anything new. Unless there is no product or service in your target market, you do not need to create a new product. There is a product or service for every human need conceivable under the sun.
      Let me surprise you: you don’t need a niche market. In fact, what you need is a market that has already proven to be rich in cash (a mountain of cash). Do not dig a mountain that has no cash.
      The first is the first.
      Identify a human need.
      Find out what product or service you can sell to meet that need.
      Research the market.
      Spy on what your competitors are doing right or wrong.
      Satisfy that market.
      Do it better than your competitors.
      Sounds easy, doesn’t it?
      It is always easy in theory.
      Well, let’s see how to do it practically. That is always the hard part.
      The hardest part of starting any business is, well, BEGIN.
      As expected, most people are in PROCRASTINATION MODE. And this is the sad fact of life.
      Now, assuming you have left your postponement mode, here are seven profitable business models that you can start online immediately.
      1. Online publication: Kindle, CreateSpace and Audible
      Initial costs: $ 0-150
      Half Time Frame: 30 days
      Potential: $ 100,000 + / year
      Passive: yes
      2. Amazon FBA
      Initial costs: $ 500 +
      Half time frame: 3 months
      Potential: $ 10,000,000 + / year
      Passive: yes
      3. Blogging, YouTube and Podcasting
      Initial costs: $ 20 +
      Half Time Frame: 6 months
      Potential: $ 1,000,000 + / year
      Passive: no
      4. Affiliate Marketing
      Initial costs: $ 1 – YES – I am doing it here and I am earning $ 2500 per week
      Half Time Frame: 1-6 months
      Potential: $ 1,000,000 + / year
      Passive: yes
      5. Information products
      Initial costs: $ 500 +
      Half time frame: 3 months
      Potential: $ 1,000,000 + / year
      Passive: yes
      6. Software and mobile applications
      Initial costs: $ 1,000 – $ 20,000 +
      Half time frame: 3 months
      Potential: $ 10,000,000 + / year
      Passive: yes
      7. Coaching and Consulting
      Initial costs: $ 100 +
      Half time frame: 3 months
      Potential: $ 1,000,000 + / year
      Passive: no
      For now, I will not go into the details of these business models, but in case you are curious and want more information immediately, there are tons of resources online to get this information. Simply search Google for the topic and you will get tons of information about the particular business model.
      So what is the best business model to start an online business?
      The best way to analyze business opportunities is to submit them to a criterion or analysis. We do not want a business that takes years to bear fruit. That is why we want to avoid creating our own product from scratch.
      We want a business that meets the following criteria:
      Low startup cost
      Short time frame
      High income potential
      High passivity
      In addition, we want to identify a supply chain and enter somewhere in between. We do not want to become manufacturers or farmers. We want to become intermediaries or distributors.
      Actually, we want to build a network of distributors.
      In the industrial revolution of the nineteenth century, humans invented a way to automate mass production.
      In the 21st century, humans have invented ways to automate the creation of wealth.
      Remember, we don’t want to make anything. There are more products and services waiting for people to transfer them to the market than consumers.
      In addition, we want a business that for the most part has no hands, that can be fully automated and that allows us to start earning money immediately (almost).
      The business model that passes the criteria we are looking for is affiliate marketing.
      It fits all our previous criteria.
      Here is a plan to start an affiliate Marketing business:
      Find a hungry market or a market that suffers from pain or discomfort.
      Build a website around the particular market, blog or social media account (Facebook page, Facebook group, Instagram account, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Twitter)
      Find an affiliate network.
      The most logical thing to start an affiliate network is to register with an affiliate network. There are thousands of affiliate networks with which you can register, most of which are free.
      There are several types of affiliated networks, but in general, 80% of affiliated networks use the following compensation methods:
      Income distribution or payment for sale (PPS)
      Cost per click (CPC) or Cost per thousand (CPM, cost per 1000 estimated visits).
      Cost per share (CPA),
      The remaining programs use other methods, which is rare.
      The affiliate network with which you register depends on the type of product or service you want to promote.
      To find affiliate networks and what products or services you can promote, go to Offervault, an excellent directory that lists all major affiliate networks.
      Meanwhile, if you want to enter Affiliate Marketing or an online business that can generate $ 100 – $ 1,000 a day online i can give you little more suggestion. Actually I followed this guys system which made me to make $2500 per week after 1 month of implementing his strategy. I did his free training first here
      and he also provide $1 trial of this Work at Home Secrets & Scams –

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