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How to set name server in vps server ?

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How to set name server in vps server ?


1 Answer

  1. While the name servers are registered, you want to set them up at the server:

    1. Log into whm and go to the DNS features segment > edit DNS zone menu.

    2. From the drop-down list, pick out the domain you would like to set the name servers for, click on edit.

    3. replace SOA document indicating your number one nameserver and the usable email address.

    4. Then create a information for and ns2.domain.compointing to the ip addresses you used even as registering the nameservers and shop the modifications.

    5. in case you would like the personal nameservers to be mechanically carried out for all newly created cpanel money owed (and required to be set for all addons before adding them to cpanel), go to the fundamental cpanel & whm setup menu in whm and upload your private name servers.

    Please notice that it takes round 12-24 hours for the dns modifications to propagate international and enjoy your hosting.

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