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How to Get Approvel Google Adsense for My Website ?

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How to Get Approvel Google Adsense for My Website ?


1 Answer

  1. Here we sum up how you get approval for Google Adsense within just a few days.

    So How to get Adsense account approval for Website blog:
    1. Buy and use a custom domain name,
    2. Example www. domain .com
    3. Create a domain specific email address, example – name@
    4. Add legal pages like About, Contact, Privacy
    5. Ensure you use a clean easy design.
    6. Do not use other ads
    7. Have at least 10-15 well-written Unique blog posts with unique content
    8. Ensure you don’t use any copyright images or text
    9. Make sure that you have at least 200 qualified visitors a day
    10. Do not buy traffic

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