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    How apply aadhar card online ?

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    I want to apply aadhar card online, guide to right way to applying aadharcard

    1. Applying Online

      The entire process for applying for an Aadhar card cannot be done online. However, you can at least simplify the process of applying by going on to an official website for doing so.

      To get help to apply for your Aadhar card online, you will have to visit the proper website. The Unique Identification Authority of India will help you at You will have to provide your name, email and mobile phone number along with details on the enrollment centre that you want to apply for your card at. You can choose an enrollment centre based on the state you are in and the district and locality that you are in. The odds are there’s an enrollment centre near you.

      You must then select a time and date for an appointment. This should be chosen based on your convenience. The acceptance of your appointment time will vary based on where you go and what the demand for such cards is like.

      Much of the application process will entail you having to get to such an enrollment centre. By signing up for an appointment online, you will have an easier time with getting your card. This comes as you will get your reservation as needed.

      Applying Offline

      You will have to visit your local Aadhar enrollment centre to apply for your card offline. Visit to find information on the nearest centres to your home or business.

      The wait time for applying offline will vary by each enrollment centre. This makes it important for you to reserve a time online before you get to your centre. Refer to the data listed earlier to understand what you should do in order to apply for enrollment.

      After this, you will have to work with the proper forms for your Aadhar card. You will have to provide proof of your identity and residency. You can always offer a passport to prove your identity among other government-issued documents. You can also get a proper bill linked to your address presented as a proof of your residency.

      An operator will then take your photo and perform a proper iris scan. This is to confirm your identity and to store information on your identifying features into a proper database. A fingerprint scan is also needed as these unique identifying points must be carefully recorded.

      What If You’re In a NPR State?

      You can enroll in Aadhar is you are registering with the National Population Registrat in an NPR state. Those in NPR states like Assam, Manipur, Nagaland and West Bengal can visit to find information on the enrollment process when getting an Aadhar card prepared during the basic NPR enrollment process.

      Make sure you apply for your Aadhar card if you have not done so. It will be easier for you to take care of all sorts of financial and government-related functions when you have such a card. Be sure to look at how this works so you’ll save time.

      How to Fill Aadhar Card Application Form

      In recent times we have seen that the Aadhaar Card becomes one of the most mandatory documents in any filed related to government activity. Starting from LPG subsidy, bank’s KYC form till the pensioners – so many fields are there that need Aadhaar Card linkage for further procedure. The government is also planning to link Aadhaar with railway ticketing system database as well in future. Aadhaar is important but many people yet to receive their Aadhaar Card till now, some haven’t received yet, some didn’t even fill up the application form yet.

      Download Aadhaar Application Form

      Aadhaar Card application form can be filled up in two ways, online and offline. In case of offline, the local Aadhaar Card centres will help. The form is available in the local centres. One can also get the help form the officers to fill the form.
      In case of online application one must download that from the official aadhaar card website. Go to the official website of Unique Identification Authority of India and go to the Aadhaar generation link. There you will get the aadhaar card application form.
      Also you can click on this link and get the Aadhaar Card Application form here,
      Filling Up the Form

      Once you download the form, you will have to enter some of the basic as well as special information regarding your identity.

      The first thing that you have to enter is pre-enrolment ID and NPR/TIN. These sections are not mandatory though, however if you have these numbers you can enter there. Pre-enrolment ID will be generated if you ask for enrolment through online request in UIDAI website. NPR will be generated if you are registered under NPR survey.
      Next sections are the basic sections like name, address, contact details, age/DOB, family members’ details, gender and such. After this one needs to give consent on whether the applicant wants to share their aadhaar details with the agency or any other organisations. If one does not need to share the details then you can select the ‘right to share information’ tab.
      Finally the bank account details are mandatory. If the applicant does not have any bank account then he/she can request for the Aadhaar linked – bank account then and there. If the applicant already has a bank account then he/she can mention about that and link the aadhaar number with the existing bank accounts.
      You need to mention about the documents you are providing like age proof, address proof and other documents. There will be needing of an introducer and head of the family can perform that task and finally sign of the applicant.
      Required Documents

      Required documents for Aadhaar Card application are:

      If the introducer is the head of the family then applicant needs to show the proof of relationship document. Along with that one must submit the proof of address, proof of age and proof of identity as well.

      Verification of the Documents

      The documents that are mentioned above need to be presented at the time of submission of the application form. Take the filled up form attached with these documents and submit the form in the nearest Aadhaar Centre. The location of nearest aadhaar center can be found in UIDAI website under aadhaar centre tab.

      Points to remember

      Aadhaar Card application form is to be presented in the Aadhaar Centre along with other documents. If the applicant is downloading the form online then he/she has to take a print out of the form and fill it on his/her own.
      The form must be filling up in all capital letters. No mess with inks and the information should be clearly given, properly readable.
      Steps to fill up the Aadhaar application

      Steps What to do
      Step 1 Download or collect the form
      Step 2 Fill it with proper information (hand written)
      Step 3 Submit it with other documents
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