If you are in the eighth pass, you can also open the post office at home, which will be a big profit .. Learn the complete details in the article

If you are less educated then you do not have to worry anymore .. as you will be happy to read this article .. because by investing less money you can earn less. The minimum qualification for this is Standard 1. That is, if you have studied at least eight standards and are wandering there for employment then you can open business through the post office.

The post office department has launched a postal franchise scheme, which will earn you a lot of money. So let’s know about it.

Earnings of about 50 thousand

You can open a post office in a place where it has no facilities. This place can be located in smaller cities besides village towns. Through this post office, people can earn around Rs. 3,000 per month. When opening the post office, only five thousand rupees will have to be deposited for security.

You can also start a business at home

India Post condolences to the people that if there is no shop, people can open a franchise like this in their house. For this, there should be enough space in the house of the franchisee from where he can operate such a franchise easily and the public should not be disturbed. So let’s find out how you can make big money by opening a post office.

How earnings are made

Earnings from the post office franchise are on commission. For this, the product and service provided by the post office are provided. Commissions are paid on each of these services.

Booking of registered articles at Rs.

Five Rupees on Booking of Speed ​​Post Articles

On booking of money order from 100 to 200 rupees, Rs 3.5

Money orders over Rs. 5 / – Rs

Every month, you get an additional 5% commission on bookings over 5 registrations and speed post.

5% of sale amount on a postage stamp, postal stationery, and money order form sale.

5% of the proceeds from the postal department on retail service including the sale of revenue stamps, central recruitment stamps, etc.


This is the complete process

In order to apply for a franchise, you must first submit a form and submit.

Once selected, India Post will have to sign an MoU.

India Post Minimum Qualification 8th Pass has been decided to take the franchise.

The age of the person should be at least 18 years.

For more information, you can contact the Dock Department website or at your nearest office.