NEW DELHI: A day after the exit polls predicted that the ruling AAP will return to power with an impressive victory in the Delhi assembly election, senior Congress leader PC Chacko, on being asked about possibility of Congress-AAP alliance, on Sunday said that every decision depends on the outcome of elections result of which he is sure that it will be different from that of the exit poll.
Speaking to ANI, Chacko said, “It (Congress-AAP alliance) depends on the election results which will come on February 11. There is no point in guessing. Once the outcome is there then only we can think about it or discuss it. It is too early now.”
Meanwhile, he expressed the utmost confidence that the prediction of the exit polls is wrong. He said, “The Delhi assembly elections exit poll has predicted that the Congress will be seen to be reduced to zero. However, the exit poll results are not always correct as was visible during the election results in Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. I think Congress is likely to do better than what surveys predict.”
He continued, “If the poll prediction can be perfect then we don’t need an election. We have faced such exit polls in Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. I am not denying that these conclusions may not be always right but I feel that this exit poll may not be very correct. Congress is likely to do better than what these surveys are saying. I am not saying that we will get a majority but our position may be better.”
Responding to Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari’s claim that the Bharatiya Janata Party will win 48 seats in the national capital, Chacko said, “The BJP won seven parliamentary seats, which means more than 50 per cent votes, in the last Lok Sabha election then why is Manoj Tiwari saying that the party will win 48 seats. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was campaigning, Home Minister Amit Shah was doing roadshows, 200 MPs were deputed to stay in jhuggis and money was being spent like water. However, the BJP is still commenting that out of 70 they will get 40 seats. This means that BJP is going down and they are admitting that. Manoj Tiwari’s claim is an admission of the weakness of BJP.”
The exit polls have predicted that AAP will win a two-thirds majority with some giving it a three-fourth majority in the 70-member assembly. They predicted that Congress will continue its dismal show in the national capital. The counting of votes will be on February 11.


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