Playwright – lovers of poetry

On May 6, 2001, on the “New York Times” website, Tom Stoppard, a playwright and artist, talked to readers about love. An informed youth asked the playwright, “In one play I heard a dialogue that Love is either Virginian and conquers all or Ovidian and is something we conquer. Would you say you are Virgil the romantic or Ovid the classicist? ”

Both of these were great Roman poets. Virgil and Ovid were both lovers. Until the fifth century, Virgil’s poems were printed in European textbooks. In his poems, the dream of an ideal Rome town was so rooted that his romance revolved around his subject of interest. They are never married. In order to create a city on the basis of his dreams, he gave Emperor August some principles of love: love the people, but have complete authority over the people. Conquer all but then don’t be avenged. Give it away if you are too proud. Conquer the world Since you are a lover of God, you are also the master of this earth.

Such a romantic poet must be really dangerous. After Virgil’s death, poet Ovid took possession of Rome’s poetry and lovers of poetry. He was not a romantic poet but a classist poet and lover. Virgil never married but remained romantic. Ovid loves Bubba. Focused. In the third marriage, he finally got a full-fledged wife. The poet Ovid was a classist lover, a scholar-plaintiff lover. Were full of eroticism.

Playwright Stoppard fell into the reader’s question in the “New York Times.” He replied, “I am a romantic man but you cannot identify the person by making such an impression. From the outside, I look very kind, but inside I can be hard on the inside too. ”Soon another reader asked,” Can love be of two types? How many types of love are there? ”The playwright also lost his answer. Then say, “This question can be answered. You have asked that the correct answer be avoided only by giving a smart answer. ”

The poet Ovid wrote a book called Amores. Amours means love. In French, Amoros means dead, deserving death. To love is to die in terms of the French language. Prior to the playwright Stoppard’s conversation, “Guardian” discussed the love of an English poet and novelist named Nick Cave (d. 21-4-2001). His headline was: Love is the Drug. Meaning love is a fall. Love gets addicted Sung by an old poet of ours:

Nick Cave, the poet of such a drunken lover, wrote:

For you dear, I was born

For you, I was raised up

For you, I have lived and for you, I will die

For You, I am dying now.

You were my mad little Love.

In a world were everybody… (uses)

… everydody else over

You who are so

Far from me

Way across some cold neurotic sea.

Far from me.

A mad lover falls in love with his mad lover through space. He is a lover in the Italian sense and a martyr of love in the French sense. Now, what do I have to say about this dangerous topic of love? With just one last example, you should decide whether you are a lover and whether there is anything like love.

The “New Sassanist.” Love is discussed in the issue of 14-5-2001. When it comes to love in human relationships, the man has long for sex with the woman and the woman for masomati. On average, long-term relationships have both such motives. Two scientists from Holland and Sweden have concluded this. Both admit that deception is the driving force for both, in the spirit of monogamy or monogamy. The common purpose of both is to maintain one’s life by being unfaithful rather than loyal to one another. The woman builds other relationships but does not want to risk the safety of the original husband. Male infidelity is unfaithful, but it is only in regular and systematic sex with the wife that she finds greater moral satisfaction.

Oh, I’ve come to realize that love is really cold, intoxicating. That’s not the case for everyone. It is not Everybody’s Cup of Tea. There is a proverb in Hindi, “yah muh aur masur ki dal?” Kathiawad says, “Do not drink butterflies from boys.” Not just love, alcohol, smoking is not the thing for everyone. Statisticians of the world calculated an imaginary percentage. Ten percent of the world is dominated by intellectuals, artists and politicians. This ten percent figure also applies to love wines and smoking. I don’t like to drink (both), but some journalists are jealous of Tess smoking or drinking alcohol. Drinking alcohol may seem like a shortcoming. Many are dull in that regard, but then they just stretch and blow, not enjoying. So it is love. The great Chinese philosopher to whom Rajneesh quotes Lao Tse has written the entire chapter on Madeira. They also say that drinking alcohol is art. Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin were all retired. That’s why they were cruel. Morarji Desai was also cruel. Madeira PV is art. Love is art. It should also lead to grief. Elsewhere, the ninth percentile is exposed to a great deal of hidden fraud.