NEW DELHI: Over one lakh Bangladeshis overstayed in India beyond the period of their visa validity after entering legally during the last three years, the government told the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday.
As for Bangladeshis who entered India illegally without any documents but were apprehended along the Indo-Bangladesh border and handed over to the Bangladeshi authorities, their numbers between 2017 and January 27, 2019 stood at 3,727, it added.
In reply to a question, minister of state for home Nityanand Rai said that 25,942 Bangladeshis entered India legally but overstayed their visa validity iin 2017. The corresponding numbers were 49,645 in 2018 and 35,055 in 2019.
As for incoming illegal immigrants apprehended along Indo-Bangladesh border and handed over to Bangladeshi authorities or deported, they totalled 1,175 in 2017, 1,118 in 2018, 1,351 in 2019 and 83 until January 27 this year. State-wise, West Bengal accounted for 82% of such cases.


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