Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela’s talk will be very useful in life.

Today everyone knows the name of Nelson Mandela, many people are familiar with his work and his life, some people only know him by name. In which the name of Gandhi Bapu is well known in India today, the name of former African President Nelson Mandela is equally famous in the world today.


We have heard many stories about Nelson Mandela’s life, even today I am going to tell you the only thing that is connected with his life. Although Nelson Mandela became President of Africa, he has had many struggles in his life before becoming President, he has suffered a lot in his life, he has often been imprisoned and also suffered many pains. But even then he rose to the position of president and did nothing wrong to those who wronged him. This was also his greatness.

When Nelson Mandela became president, he went to dine inside a hotel, along with some of his staff and his guards. While Nelson Mandela went to dine at the hotel, other people also came for dinner, with each man sitting on his own table.

While everyone was waiting for him to come to dinner, Nelson fell over a man sitting next to Mandela, called him to a guard, and told him to sit down with the person sitting at the table in front of me. At Mandela’s command, the guard brought the man and sat him in front of Mandela and had lunch.


While eating, the man began to eat his food quietly, raising his eyes but not even seeing him in front of Mandela, his hands and feet were shaking like any sick person. Having finished his meal, he went out with a low glance.

Seeing this, the guard told Nelson Mandela: “This person seemed physically ill, and his hands and feet were shaking.” Listening to the guard, Mandela said: “No, he was not a sick man, but this prison man was a prisoner while I was in prison. Was. He used to torture me so much, beat me, he was giving me his urine when I was thirsty, I used to be very scared of him, but today I have become president, so he has to sit in front of me and shake. He used to be scared of me today, but I have no regrets about it. I don’t want to be told about it. ”

Even a great person like Nelson Mandela does not think that despite changing his circumstances, he has the power to do what he has done wrong, he has troubled them while we are beating a simple little thing and when the time comes. Revenues can pay off as well.

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