Minister poses as farmer, raids shop in Maharashtra | India News – Times of India

AURANGABAD: In an undercover operation, state agriculture minister Dadaji Bhuse on Sunday posed as a farmer and raided a fertilizer shop in the Jadhavmandi area here, reports Mohammed Akhef. Bhuse said the surprise raid was prompted by an increasing number of complaints against traders allegedly stocking up fertilizers illegally to sell them at exorbitant rates.
The minister said the agriculture department’s quality control officer has been sent on forced leave.
On learning about the raid by the minister, agriculture department officials rushed to the shop, Navbharat Fertilizers, and carried out a spot panchanama. The process of assessing the stock was still underway till late in the evening.
Officials from the administration said this was the first time that a sitting minister has walked the extra mile to carry out a raid on a shop selling fertilizers at inflated prices.

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