NEW DELHI: Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Wednesday pitched for finding long-term policy solutions to eradicate poverty rather than offering short-term waivers or freebies.
He also urged the government and policy-makers to ensure that the benefits of all programmes reach the most deserving sections of society.
“People in public life must aim at eradication of poverty and make efforts to bring in unity among people,” he was quoted as saying in a statement issued by the Vice President’s Secretariat.
Addressing a gathering at the launch of a book, “The vision of Antyodaya”, Naidu called for plugging loopholes in the anti-defection law to prevent elected representatives from defecting to another party without resigning.
He urged all political parties to discipline their members and ensure that such tendencies were curbed.
The vice president said people have a choice to change parties if they have a difference of opinion on ideology, but not for individual benefits.
“People in public life must treat their profession as a mission to serve and not for commission and they should not give remission to their responsibilities,” he added.
Pointing out that people’s decision was supreme in a democratic polity, Naidu said it was unfortunate that a few have developed intolerance towards the mandate of the people.
He expressed concern over frequent obstruction and violation of procedures in Parliament and state legislatures, and underlined the urgent need to restore discussion and debates.


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