These countries of the world are banned on the internet.

Often we see in the news that in some states or regions of the country, curfew-like conditions are created so the government is banning net services for some time. An Internet ban in Jammu and Kashmir as part of the elimination of Article 370 granting special status to Kashmir remains unchanged till date. However, the supreme court has now said that facilities like online banking in Kashmir should be turned on immediately and then banned from the Internet.

Internet restrictions are also most needed when chaotic environments are spread. Because, nowadays, in the sixth part of the seconds due to social media, some elements create an incitement to spread a faked message that is beneficial to their cause. But do you realize that there are some countries in the world where Internet access is banned or internet access is restricted? Here is a list of countries in the world whose net restrictions are too strict:

North Korea:

The name of this country falls in the minds of the people immediately thinking of iron bars! The leaves in this country do not move, except for the ruler, Kim Jong Un. North Korea has a complete crush on the government over Internet access. All anti-government websites are banned. Also, North Korea has very few net access facilities.

Saudi Arabia:

In this Arab country, net access is very expensive and of very low quality. In 1 of these countries, the country has banned sites like Google and Wikipedia. Now if Google can not be opened then what is the meaning of the net?


Citizens of this small country, known for its communist regime of Fidel Castro, cannot access the Internet on mobile! In addition, the government has made very strict rules about access to the net. In addition to half of the population, there is no Internet.


This Gulf country is currently the most controversial in the world with its US headquarters. Whenever elections are held in Iran, the Internet is tampered with. People’s gadgets cannot access the internet or the speed is simply slowed down. Even so, more than half of the population in Iran has not yet received the benefit of the Internet and the areas where the Internet is located are mostly urban.


China is the country with the most digital technology development in the world and China also has the highest internet access! Yet there are many restrictions on the Internet here. As such, Google is not used in China but has its own search engine. Similarly, Facebook is banned in China. However, China has created its own social media sites as an alternative to this. Nevertheless, the government’s gaze is always moving.


Syria today has been created by the superpowers of the world, local governments and terrorist groups to show their interest. The internet was banned in the 2011. Even after that, sanctions are often imposed. It is also said that anyone who uses the Internet in Syria is imprisoned.


Can’t open 2 big websites in Egypt including Twitter and Facebook! There are also very strict restrictions on the Internet. There was a bit of freedom for the net during the rule of Hosni Mubarak, but it is currently suspended.


China is illegally occupying the country. In the past year, the ‘Umbrella Movement’ launched by the people of Vietnam against China’s Hitlerism has been under discussion. The government here is following China’s warning. Therefore, China has banned every website that has issues such as human rights, opposition to the government and so on.


Internet access in this country began in the year 2000. But in 2011, Myanmar’s military installed hammering restrictions on the net. Even today only 1% of the population here uses the Internet.

For security reasons some countries restrict access to the Internet.

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