What is Important for SEO?

Now you know all about SEO, SEO is the most important for ranking lets see some most important things for SEO


The first thing you should do is create descriptive, unique and brief titles. It is essential to describe what the user will find once they enter our site, which obliges us to be precise about the content we offer.

It is convenient that the title we choose is unique for each page of our site because in this way we define it exactly and avoid that it be related to the other pages. It is necessary to avoid that the title is generic or that it is substituted by phrases like “without title” or “new page”.

For example, it is interesting that the title of the main page (or home) of our website cites the name of our company and the main activities that it carries out. If a user is looking for an activity of our company, the words you have searched and that match the title of the result will appear in bold.

Finally, let’s add that the title should be brief and useful, preventing it from spreading too much. Preferably, it should not exceed 70 characters.

Meta descriptions

It is very important to work on the main keyword in the meta description of the home. Take advantage to work the keywords that our buyer may be looking for in the meta descriptions of all the pages so that it is related to the content of the specific page.

As with the title, the meta description must be unique for each page. Do not force it by trying to include too many keywords, except those that are related to the content of the page. Remember that the meta description is a summary. Ideally, it does not exceed 140 characters in total.


The URL must contain the keyword and avoid confusion. Remember that the URL also has to inform users and search engines about what our web or specific page consists of. An informative URL will allow users to understand what they will find before clicking on it.

Separate words with hyphens and avoid long URLs with confusing numbers, symbols, and parameters. As I was saying with the title and the meta description, avoid the generic names and too broad, as well as the use of unrelated keywords.


It is important to work the main keyword in the main header and even quote the name of our website. Take advantage to work variations of the main keyword and even other keywords that our user may be looking for and that can bring you adequate traffic to your website.

Do not leave aside the meaning of the header, whose text should help define the page, both for users and for search engines. The headers also help make the text digestible, easy to read and able to attract the user’s attention. Even so, do not overdo it by putting many headers.

Images And the description

Images And the description “alt” in the images. At the moment, not even clever Google can read images, so it is convenient to add a description of it. On the other hand, in case you do not see the image of your user, you can read the description and understand what is missing in that empty space.

Also, did you know that the “alt” description will allow the image to be shown in the image results? This will increase the chances that your page will be found by more active search engines.

For all these reasons, it is essential that the description of the images be descriptive and brief. Do not work many keywords at the same time; Be consistent Otherwise, you may end up being considered a spammer.

Body of the texts

Create original and quality content and optimize it with the main keyword of the text and its variations.

The most important thing about all this is that you do not obsess about optimizing only for search engines. First optimize thinking about your buyer person! Then it guides the whole process towards the search engines.

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