How much does the phrase “I can’t live without you”? A touching expression expressing love and the feeling of separation

How much does the phrase “I can’t live without you”? Relationships are with anyone, mother-son or boyfriend, father-daughter or friendship, sibling or spouse. Sometimes the overwhelming feeling that the control over our loved ones becomes so overwhelming on the brain that their absence in life is unrelated. Every relationship needs to be open and the balance can be easily fulfilled. Ownership of a person is right to an extent. But when it starts to grow, it seems like a life without this person is now zero. Because of your excessive ownership, sometimes the opposite character gets confused, sometimes you don’t understand, and you feel like you are doing it intentionally. Relationships can be saved by faith, openness, and love. Even if one person may not be able to support life, that does not mean that life without them is not possible. Everyone has to adjust his or her life according to natural life.

I can’t live without you

Such a couple had been in a love affair for about five to six years. She decided to end her life as soon as the acceptance of the relationship was impossible from her home. They both tied each other’s arms in a scarf, jumped into the river. “Was this worthwhile?”, “What would have worked for hand in hand?”, “Would one have survived and the other would not have survived?” This discussion may seem baseless, but the truth is that they probably did not have the courage. Love even when you are away and know that there are many examples of AY. Will it be love to get a loved one? No matter where he is, how many are there but who can find his happiness in his happiness? In the delusional world of movies and the Internet, many young people make such poor decisions in the name of love without knowing the true terminology of love.

In the absence of one person, the absence of each and every event or event that pertains to him will surely fly away. Intimate relationships can never be forgotten. Yet if we go ahead with the acceptance of the truth, it seems that there are many shades of life that you have to identify with.

God has already designed human beings in such a way that they can cope with every situation. Of course, this power can be low-income per person. Such as those who alert their other senses to the blind. They can overcome their shortcomings by the ability to touch and smell. There are also instances where those who do not have hands have done the work of the hands. Saving clothes, drawing pictures, running a commuter, etc. Those who have no legs have proven to be good swimmers.

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