How Website Speed Affects Your Business?

People keep upgrading their website and add colourful designs to their websites. We always improve our website with top upgrading to attract the customers and make them revisit to your website. But you know if your page loads slowly people just storm out of your website without even seeing your website.

Do you even know the speed of your website? If not then you are making the same mistake as other business people. These days people don’t have any patience and they have other opportunities. So, why do they wait until to load your website they instantly move to another website and makes it as the main factor of today business operations.

How To Know If Your Page Is Slow And How To Change It?

After finding effective impacts of your slow loading page you will try to look at it and like to change it. But the question here is how you are going to find the site speed. Modern technology offering many online tools helping to find your website Speed. Google also offering free resources to check speed. After checking your speed think about the tactics to increase speed.

Look at the backend of the website to find unnecessary plugins and off unnecessary features. Next, optimize images and video to make it load faster in the website. If you are not using hosting sites try to make it to switch to speed up website. Let us look at the effects of website speed.

Cannot Experience Best Website

If you want to do quick shopping for a surprise party. We open our phones and look at many websites if the website loading slower we give up and move to another store. This experience can cause a poor customer experience.

If the same happens with the person who comes to find information about products or your website or even trying to get in touch with you and even came to make a purchase will definitely affect your business. Customer will leave your website without any purchases and leaves unsatisfied. Slow website drives their traffic to other websites.

Affects Sales And Leads

Slow websites can affect both sales and efforts of your sales, lead generation. If videos and images are not playing that fastly customers don’t even to look for information about your product or fill out a form to see information neither care to look for purchasing.

Can Impact SEO

SEO is the top priority for many business people. If you are one of them you definitely should have Invested a lot of money in SEO. Do you have any idea about how website speed can improve your search engine rankings? If your website producing the best user experience, other search engines and google place your website at high ranks than those slow-loading sites.

SEO helps to find your website to customers who are searching for you. With your slow loaded website, you can be invisible to them.

Customers Don’t Wait

Delaying of your website can affect your business financially and fails to give you valued advantages. Some business conducted an experiment over slow loading websites look what they found.

  • When they delayed for 5-9 % of customer who reads articles dropped.
  • Next three-second delay dropped 7-9% of readers.
  • Viewers are very low for show loading.

They not only impact user time even they affect your conversion rates and shopping carts. More than 70% of customers were filled with dissatisfaction and they are not even interested to buy products from the page. Even one second delay reduces 7% of conversion.

Even website links which load more than 3 seconds were abandoned from social media site like Facebook.

Mobile User Increases

Mobile search has overtaken desktop searches. Most of the search traffic coming to websites are mostly coming from mobile devices. So, these slow loading websites affect mobile users. As per statics 58% of mobile users likely to choose fast loaded websites.

60% of people choose 4 seconds to load websites. More than 70% of people leave the website within 5 seconds of website loading. 60% of people ready to leave the page if they don’t find anything.

Seconds Are Important

Mozilla upgraded their website to only 2. 2 seconds and found 60 million downloads. Amazon revealed that slow loaded website can price them $1.6 annually in revenue.

Bing discovered they lost 3.75 % clicks for 2-second delay of their website. Shopzilla increased 12% of earning by improving website speed from 6-1.2 seconds. Every second is important.

Page loading is not a myth it is real fact to consider so it is better to consider if you have a website.

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