Use TikTok to Promote Your Business

TikTok is the best app for your business promotion, People watch the TikTok app as a lip-sync battle between teens but it is the best app for your business. Like Facebook, Instagram and other social media apps TikTok stands steadily when it comes to business. so you can also grow your business with TikTok.

Tiktok has 500 million users everywhere and noted as the most downloaded app for Apple in 2018. Then why need to lose the great opportunity. Business people should not leave a pinch of opportunity to promote their products.

Do TikTok Helps Business To Grow?

Before thinking about Tiktok you should have an analysis of your targeted audience. Whether your targeted costumers are in social media, are they aware of social media stuff? If they know social media then you definitely needed to give Tiktok a try.

Because it became a good marketing tool for promoting business. Do you know Tiktok? If not it’s better to know because you should be aware of every particular thing in Tiktok and should plan them to change your business.

Tiktok is similar to other social media apps you can comment, like and you are allowed to share content with other accounts. Can easily pick songs from a large library, can add filters, can add music and effects to your videos and can view and search millions of users including celebrities if they are in Tiktok.

If you are thinking to produce unique, creativity and fun stuff with a shareable option to promote your business Tiktok can be a good pick. Here are the best ways which can you do.

Understand TikTok

Many business experts say that some business people even don’t know what they are doing. They just follow other business strategies to grow but other strategies don’t work out for you. If you don’t understand the platform you will end up losing existing customers. See how your company services can fit into this environment and look at types of content to attract people and understand how to interact with them naturally.

Tiktok produces fun and appealing niche, look at Tiktok trending page where you can find funny videos set to popular music. According to the global web index, people in Tiktok are mostly from the age of 16 – 24. You can’t impress those ages with serious talks about your business you need to find ways to engage with them.

Fun Attracts Everyone

I know running a business is not funny but promoting it should be fun and creative content. Make content on your own because it is an inexpensive and easiest way. Write content that is funny and creative and doesn’t worry about high-quality videos. You can easily shoot with your smartphone and they are tons of filters to make it more fun even these days wacky videos are getting popular.

For example, some cake stores started doing their business in Tiktok they are posting cream dipping and filling, the frosting of the delicious cakes which making people buy them immediately. Your video needs to be funny but should focus on your products. and you can grow your business with TikTok.

Hashtag Challenge

the widely popular and trending challenge in Tiktok. If you are not good enough to create content make Tiktok users do it by adding your brand hashtag to it. Hashtag challenges are Introduced by Guess in early of September 2018. In which Tiktok users directed to #inmydenim challenge where users encouraged to film a video by wearing Guess denim. It went quite popular.

Even McDonald’s throws #Bigmactiktok challenge and encouraged users to dance on McDonald’s music clips to win exciting cash prizes. So, hashtags can be a fun challenge but it is a very effective way to drive customers to your business.

Tiktok Influencers

These new generations don’t like anything with ease they need a strong statement to like it. While influencers ruling every social media you can shake hands with Tiktok influencers to connect with your targeted users.

Chipotle choose David Dobrik in their special campaign #chipotlelifflip challenge and reached more than 200 million times with 100,000 submissions. So, choosing the best people for your business is your target but you can use tools that can help you to search popular influencers on Tiktok.


Tiktok finally allowed ads which divided into your four types.

The first type of ad-related to Instagram story ads and helps tools like app downloads.

Tiktok allows the brand to take Tiktok for the whole day then the certain brand can add gifs, images, hashtags challenges, and landing pages.

You can create own hashtag challenge or use some promoted hashtags to get popular. and Grow your business with TikTok.

Tiktok Introduces branded lenses similar to snap chat 3D, 2D faces

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