NEW DELHI: Students of Delhi University‘s Gargi College called for a protest march on Monday after allegations of sexual assault and molestation during the college’s fest on February 6 went viral on social media.
Hundreds of men allegedly entered the campus during a music performance and groped and molested the women, the students alleged. They demanded answers from the administration on the security setup in the college.
“Gargi has been a home, a safe space for us. We exist here. Every year, the administration fails to provide basic safety to us. Year after year, it turns a blind eye to the safety of students at the fest. We need you to come forward, show solidarity, and raise your voice against the draconian administration,” the students said in their statement.
They demanded answers from the administration on “why so many people were allowed inside the college without proper passes and why people were allowed to enter post 4.30pm and what the cops were doing.”
According to a student who was allegedly molested on that day, the college’s fest ‘Reverie’ was a three-day event with the final day open for men to enter the campus with a valid pass. “There were supposed to be separate gates for the entry of men and women. However, when I reached the campus from my home nearby, I saw men entering from the gate where only women were allowed. Many were allowed even after 4pm and without their IDs or passes being checked,” said the second-year student.
She added that the crowd had increased so much that “there was no space to move. I was groped thrice and those men laughed at me. Even then, I had to stand there for 40 minutes before I could move towards the cricket ground to be with my friends.”
Students alleged that men were seen walking around with their shirts unbuttoned; some were even shirtless and masturbated in front of female students. Some alleged that there were cases of medical emergencies. “I saw several female students who had fainted, lying on the ground unattended, while many were experiencing anxiety and panic attacks.”
The students alleged that when they approached the principal, she refused to pay heed to their complaints.
Speaking to TOI , Promila Kumar, principal of the college, however, said: “The fest was open for men and women of Delhi University and we had ample security, bouncers, and staff members. We had a special arena for women but some chose to be out with their friends. The whole gathering happened peacefully and we did not get any complaints at the college.” Kumar added that she and other officials were also on duty and they did not get any official complaint.


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