Do not be mistaken for searching on Google

Nowadays everyone has gotten used to the fact that if you want to know about anything, Google does it. Recently Google opened a Google search to find the number of Zomato in Bangalore and after making a call in its customer care, its account was emptied. That doesn’t necessarily mean the information you find on Google is accurate. Nowadays, people think that what is not available is found on Google. But it is often found wrong on Google too.


Before doing any search on Google it is very important to know what to search for and whatnot. Good for you if you do not search on Google for these 5 things. Even if you do these 5 searches by mistake, you can get in trouble. Let’s know what those 5 things are.

Your own e-mail:

Personal e-mail should be avoided by searching on Google, repeatedly doing so may cause your account to be hacked. And the password can also be leaked. According to a report, the highest number of hacking incidents in the world have been reported, with more and more e-mails being hacked. Many of its complaints also come in cyber.


You should never try to identify yourself when searching on Google. Because Google has all the data in your search history. And repeated searches make it vulnerable to leakage. Hackers are sitting around waiting for something to be easily hacked.

Doubtful Things:


Most people search for something that makes sense, but only for viewing, should not search for such suspicious or suspicious things. Because the Sub cell’s eyes are always on it. Who tries to suspect anything? You can get into trouble. There are provisions in the cyber cell for imprisonment.



If you search Google for illness and medicine then you should also avoid it. Because search data is transferred to a third party. And then you see different ads about the disease and its medications as well as its treatment


Doubtful Things

Google should never search for information associated with insecurity. If you are, you may see ads related to them. From that, you can know that someone is following you on the internet.