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Who will be on the currency note before Gandhiji photos? Information everyone wants to know


Today a note containing Gandhiji’s photo can be found in everyone’s pocket, now we have become accustomed to the note with Gandhiji’s photo, instead of the photo of someone else, we consider that note fake, but before Gandhiji whose currency note will have a photo on it.? This question must be raised once in every person’s mind. So today we are going to tell you how the currency note before Gandhiji and whose photo was on it. This information will also be very useful to you.


Goa had its own leading currency:

When the Portuguese came to India in 1510, they were given their sovereignty. He first started his own currency within Goa. The currency note was named Escudo. The Portuguese ruled India even after independence, which led to the photo of King George II of Portugal on this note.


In Hyderabad, there was a different currency implemented by the Nizam:

In the year 1917-18, the Nizam of Hyderabad also issued its own currency notes in Hyderabad. Scenes of some famous places of Hyderabad were also printed on this note and coins were also made on some of the notes.


First Governor’s photo printed by RBI on his note:

After the establishment of the Reserve Bank of India, in 1938 the RBI issued the first Rs 5 note. On which the photo of George VI was printed. Then in February 1938, currency notes of 10 rupees, 100 rupees, and 1000 rupees were issued in March as well as currency notes of 10,000 rupees in June.


India’s post-independence currency:

When India was completely liberated, the photo of our national emblem Ashoka Pilot was printed on the money with the removal of George VI’s photo in 1949 as its first currency.


Then with the consent of all Gandhiji’s photo currency was printed on the money, and since then till today the currency with the photos of Gandhiji has been implemented in India.


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