Aid growing coronavirus scare, authorities have started cracking the whip on rumour mongers across the country, from Kishtwar to Kanpur and Kashi to Narsinghpur.
At Kishtwar in J&K, police on Thursday arrested one person for spreading rumours on social media regarding the death of a man due to coronavirus in the town. Even Doda district administration directed police to register an FIR against a man who flooded social media with rumours about the “same death”.
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In UP’s Varanasi, a man landed behind bars on Thursday for claiming that his ‘mantra’ could cure Covid-19 patients as well as prevent the infection. This comes just days after the arrest of one ‘Coronawale Baba’ in Lucknow.
Sanjay Tiwari, a self-proclaimed astrologer and resident of Samneghat, had been distributing pamphlets that read, “Mantra lijiye aur coronavirus se mukti payiye (Learn this mantra to get rid of coronavirus).”
In Narsinghpur district of Madhya Pradesh , a 30-year-old man was arrested and sent to jail for allegedly spreading a hoax that one of his friends has tested positive for coronavirus.

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