PANAJI: A starred hotel in South Goa recently asked a Chinese national who had a booking with it to leave. The man — who arrived in Goa by a Maharashtra-registered vehicle, came to India from the UK, and hasn’t been to China in over two months — then left the state.
The Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG) said the hotel informed the health authorities about the Chinese guest on Wednesday. It couldn’t be confirmed if the man stayed in any other hotel.
The TTAG, however, didn’t approve of the guest being asked to leave on account of his nationality. TTAG said health authorities ought to have been prompter in visiting the hotel as soon as they were informed.
“They need not have waited till the next day to visit the hotel and check on the guest,” TTAG president Savio Messias told TOI. “As per my information, nobody visited the hotel till Thursday afternoon.”
State epidemiologist Dr Utkarsh Betodkar said a health official from Chinchinim primary health centre — under whose jurisdiction the hotel falls — visited the hotel. “But he (the Chinese guest) had already left the hotel. He could not be contacted,” Betodkar said.
Betodkar also said he has been interacting with hotel personnel during the past several days to create awareness about coronavirus. He said that targeted programmes were held for hotels.


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