JAIPUR: Almost 24 days after returning from China’s Wuhan – epicentre of coronavirus (nCoV) outbreak – three medical students were quarantined at an isolation ward in Jaipur’s SMS Hospital on Thursday. The delay could be a major lapse in preventing the virus in Rajasthan.
Defending the delay in testing, health authorities claimed that these students were not cooperating with them despite repeated efforts were being made to convince them.
Only after chief medical health officer Jaipur-I Narrottam Sharma directed his officials in Govindgarh to convince these students for testing for nCoV, the students agreed to undergo the test. “We issued directions to get the test done of these students immediately. If required take the help of the administration (even police),” Sharma told TOI .
In Barmer five people have been quarantines. While in Jodhpur two more people were quarantined on Thursday. So far, 51 samples of people returned from Wuhan have been taken and out of those 43 have tested negative and report of eight tests is awaited. Moreover, 6,981 passengers have screened travelled in 48 international flights landed in Jaipur in 10 days. No nCoV positive case has been reported in the state so far.
Rajasthan is at high-risk of nCoV as a lot of medical students, along with other students, have returned from Wuhan. At a time when Kerala has reported three confirmed nCoV cases, all those people returning from Wuhan are categorised as suspected cases for nCoV in the state.


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