WhatsApp account of people in Kashmir gets auto-Deactivated, know why

WhatsApp has begun deactivating accounts of some Kashmir users. Suddenly people started sharing WhatsApp screenshots on social media. Along with the screenshots, people are complaining that WhatsApp is deactivating their account. Today we are going to give you information about the WhatsApp account being auto-deactivated in Kashmir.

So let’s find out why people’s WhatsApp account in Kashmir gets auto-deactivated in the area.

Kashmir WhatsApp account being auto-deactivated

It is interesting to know that the mobile service was shut down in Kashmir for several months. However, now mobile services have been launched. According to a report by Buzzfeed, WhatsApp accounts of everyone living there are being deleted manually.

Twitter user Khalid Shah wrote that WhatsApp accounts of Kashmiris are being deleted after being inactive for 4 months. Another Twitter user is Dr. Shahnawaz writes that not only the group but also the WhatsApp accounts are being deactivated. The number that was previously seen in WhatsApp contacts, now there is the Invite to WhatsApp option.
The company is in charge of its own policy


We show you that as per the policy of WhatsApp if a WhatsApp account remains inactive for 120 days, the company deactivates it. Mobile service was shut down in Kashmir for several months, which is why not everyone has access to WhatsApp for some time and in this case, WhatsApp account is being deactivated.

“To maintain security and data retention, a WhatsApp account has to be deactivated and usually expires for 120 days after the WhatsApp account has been activated,” said a WhatsApp spokesperson on WhatsApp Deactivate in Kashmir. When this happens, the WhatsApp account will automatically exit from the WhatsApp group.

On behalf of WhatsApp, it is also said that in such a situation WhatsApp will have to be re-checked. Users who have an account expire will have to create a WhatsApp account again and have to re-add to the group as well.

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