NEW DELHI: BJP MP ManojTiwari on Sunday said that as per the survey conducted by his team, the results of the Assembly elections in Delhi will be in his party’s favour.
“Our teams have done surveys and results will come in favour of the BJP. We will get more than 48 seats as per the survey done by us by talking to people and going to booths,” Delhi BJP president Tiwari told ANI.
When asked about the exit polls that show AAP gaining a majority, he said, “These exit polls are going to fail.”
“Exit polls came at 6:30 pm, however, voting was on till 7:30 pm. So how can you show exit polls when people are still voting,” he questioned.
On the protests in Shaheen Bagh, the BJP MP said, “People who are protesting there are misguided and the protest is politically motivated. They (protestors) say CAA will take citizenship away which is not the case. They say take NRC back but NRC has not come yet, so it is politically motivated.”
“Some (protestors) are already leaving and the rest will go away after February 11,” he added.


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