A lot has been written and read a lot about women, read today about the plight of a man, the thing is that you cannot live without sharing.

Who’s talking about a man? How Many Think About Men? Only those who counted at the fingertips may have spoken of a man.

Even though it is said that men can never understand a woman but a woman can never understand a man. !!! It is also a bitter fact. Every woman gets a men’s body. But has a woman ever been able to attain to her conscience, her mind, her pains, the words uttered by a man to this day? The answer will be “no”. Because the number of women considering this is very small.


From morning to evening a woman has been performing her duties towards the man. Whether a man has to sleep or enjoy cohabitation, a woman plays a part in physical relations with the men, respecting the wishes of the men, even if it is not a woman’s desire. That is a woman’s greatness. But not every man is hungry for physical happiness. Many men are hungry for love, affection, warmth. But pity…. The appetite of a man is never satisfied and who knows whether it will ever be satisfied in the future or not?

As a woman, the child is seen in the society in different characters from childhood, the man has also been seen in the responsibility of the son, brother, friend, husband, father, and grandfather.


From birth, a woman has been important to a man, be it mother, sister, wife, girlfriend or even a friend.

When a man is busy, his wife or girlfriend complains about not giving time, while the man is busy at work, the man can never complain about not giving time to the woman. He enjoys the time he gets. That is the love of the man, his understanding, his greatness.


The male is similar to coconut. The outside of which will look very hard, but to see the gentleness hidden inside, one has to penetrate his heart. Very few women can reach this menace.

The man seeks solitude when he is distressed. The reason behind her being alone is not wanting to bring her pains, her own troubles, her own troubles to her family or acquaintances. He wants to deal with every problem himself. Sometimes someone will change their words by saying “no mood” or “headache” if they ask for their sadness. But do not let your own troubles come against the family.


Seeing a man running hard, he seems to be running away to make money. But no! Don’t make that money. He runs away to earn happiness for his family. He wore a torn band and would say, “Who’s inside?” But it will fulfill all the needs of his children and his wife.

  • A woman comes to be devoted. the man has the power to accept every situation, every problem.
  • Unable to cry openly to the world, men who are unable to cry can be seen in solitude.
  • If women are as mysterious as puzzles, the answer lies in hiding male secrets within themselves.
  • Just as a successful man has a woman’s hand behind his back, so does a men’s hand behind a woman’s smiling face.

Considering the praise of women, the fame of their works, the women’s empowerment, society may forget to look after the responsibilities of men. In many laws made for women, sometimes an innocent man also becomes a victim of these laws and can never prove himself true even though he is innocent. To say that this country has always been in favor of women, is not wrong, as the male minister has said. A man has always been and is worried about a woman. The focus of a woman’s attention has always been on a men’s kitchen grinder or sanitary napkin. The men have never and will never want to succeed. All she needs is a woman who can understand her feelings, feel her love, recognize her feelings, and when she needs help, just put her hand on her shoulder and say “Don’t worry, I’m with you .. !!!

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